How to Eliminate Unpleasant Odors in the Car

Avoid amateurism and focus on efficiency.

In addition to the engine and bodywork, the interior of a vehicle also speaks volumes about its financial value. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate odors properly and permanently. Although air conditioning problems, liquid spills or even flooding can cause a bad smell, it is important to avoid homemade solutions that promise miraculous results.

Rodabrill, with its vast experience since 1974, understands the importance of this aspect and offers a wide range of tailor-made products for various needs, including odor elimination.

We have put together a selection of champion products when it comes to eliminating bad interior odors from vehicles:

Rodabrill Upholstery Cleaner

Ready-to-use product that cleans seats, fabrics, ceilings, carpets, plastics, light rubber. Cleans, returning the original color. Removes the most difficult stains. Important: Do not use on leather upholstery (for this purpose we recommend Limpa e Hidrata Couros Rodabrill).

Rodabrill Multipurpose Foam

Developed based on the most modern concept of surface cleaners. Cleans the most difficult dirt such as grease, oil, grease, stains and grime, and can be used in your car, home, office, company, etc. As it is a cleaning foam, it does not run, it is more economical and easy to clean with much less effort.

Odor Neutralizing Smell Remover ​

It helps eliminate the perception of unpleasant odors inside your car, as the product penetrates the fabrics where the bad smell is concentrated, eliminating it without leaving stains. In addition to eliminating bad odors, it also leaves a soft scent in the environment where it was applied and can be used in other environments such as home, office, etc. Eliminates musty and cigarette odors. Do not use on leather surfaces or fabrics of colors that are not firm. If you are unsure about the type of fabric to be applied, we suggest you do a small test on a non-visible part. Do not apply to domestic animals.

Removes Rodabrill Cigarette Smell

Developed with technology that encapsulates bad odors, eliminating particles and leaving a soft scent in the environment. It must be applied to the environment and fabrics. The packaging is pocket-sized, anatomical and easy to store.

Rodabrill Flavoring Line

It is very complete, available in sachet, gel and spray versions, ensuring that the interior of your vehicle remains with a pleasant aroma. You can choose the one that best suits your taste and needs.

Transform the experience of being inside your car into a clean and comfortable environment. Discover our complete line of air fresheners and other products to care for your vehicle on our website:

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