Smell Remover (Odor Neutralizer)

Rodabrill Odor Neutralizing Smell Strip helps eliminate the perception of unpleasant odors in the interior of your car. The product penetrates the fabrics where the bad smell is concentrated, eliminating it without leaving stains. In addition to eliminating bad odors, it also leaves a soft scent in the environment where it was applied. It can also be used in other environments such as home, office, etc. Eliminates musty and cigarette odors. Recommendations: Do not use on leather surfaces or fabrics of colors that are not firm. If you are unsure about the type of fabric to be applied, we suggest you do a small test on a non-visible part. Do not apply to domestic animals. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: On surfaces, spray the product until the fabric is slightly moistened. Wait for it to dry. Soon the bad smell disappears. For more persistent odors, spray a larger amount of product into the air.

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